In 1920, our grandparents Manuel and Francisca Rodríguez Lareiro left Portugal to start a new life in Argentina. In 1955, they bought their first Estate in Mendoza, and named it Finca Algarve after their homeland in the south of Portugal. Later, they bought neighboring estates and properties that today account for the 100 hectares of top quality vineyards used to make our wines.

Over the last 65 years, we have based ourselves on the same core values fostered by our grandparents: respect, effort, hard work, and simplicity.

Our grandfather taught us all about how important family bonds are. With this in mind, our Estate and winery have been growing with each generation, year after year.

Our mother inherited her father’s passion for life, and became the heart and soul of this project, leading the way for us to continue.

As a third-generation family business, we are driven by the love, respect and pleasure of making wine. Not only do we find great pleasure in making this noble drink, but it also serves as the perfect excuse to meet up with family and friends.  This pursuit of joy and pleasure is what connects us to Cinco Sentidos  —our Five Senses: sight, smell, touch, taste and hearing.

In the present

Cinco Sentidos, our premium export brandname —and Spanish for Five Senses, takes a new step towards growth and innovation. Today, Cinco Sentidos, resembles the power of embracing life with our five senses, and makes up the very core of our winery and winemaking project.

Our family keeps growing, and so does our winery. Our wines are currently exported to over 23 countries around the globe. Keeping our grandparents’ legacy alive every day, we look forward to developing new wine varieties and styles, while we make way for our family’s fourth generation to join in.