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Our Company

Since 1955 our company has followed the noble tradition of high quality winemaking. This path of history finds us today enjoying what we love best and know most about: making wines that can evoke thousands of moments and transmit numerous life experiences.

When virgin valleys are found untainted, everything unfolds as a great possibility.... Our ancestor came to these lands and made them the perfect place for growing vines. Thus, they've worked bravely night and day to grow these varietals, which today bring out the best attributes these terroirs can offer.

Our vineyards are located towards the West of the Argentinean territory, in the province of Mendoza, a most privileged location at 850 meters above sea level. Our lands sit at the banks of the Mendoza River, bringing out a silty loam alluvial soil of deep character, in a dry region with little rainfall and clearly marked seasons.

During the summer, skies are clear and bathed with warm sunlight, which bring about an optimum maturity in grapes and the character and personality that best describe our wines at Cinco Sentidos.

At present, laborious hands work our 100 hectares all along the year to get the most out of the soil and vineyards, and translate it into high quality product.

In this way, our past and present have blended with the sole purpose of working the land to awaken our five senses through our wines Cinco Sentidos, to transmit numerous experiences and evoke thousands of moments.


Winemaking is a unique adventure through which we convey the passion and knowledge put into the challenge of a great product for every vintage. We are proud of the fruit that stems from our terroirs as the ideal outcome of the union between nature and mankind. This perfect balance serves as our source of inspiration, a guiding light for great winemaking.

Each bottle of Cinco Sentidos offers the chance for a new sensation. This is the philosophy that lies behind our product and with this vision in mind we elaborate wines that bring about exquisite aromas and inviting colors and shades, the true expression of our terroirs.

Rivadavia 152 Ciudad - Mendoza.


Phone. +54-261-4298124

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