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The great outdoors welcome you for a typical Argentine barbeque to be started in the company of a fresh, young and easy-to-drink red wine. This ritual starts when the first cuts are placed in the grill and an eternal succession of raising glasses and good thoughts fill up the air. This wait can be all the more exciting with some fresh grilled vegetables to share along with the friendly chat.

Once the beef is ready, a good idea would be choosing an expressive red wine, with persistent aromas, tempting juicy fruit flavors, powerful and robust tannins, and a delicate elegant lingering finish.

We suggest:
Cinco Sentidos Malbec 2005 to begin the classic Argentine barbeque, and a powerful blend for the second wine: Cinco Sentidos Grand Reserve 2004.

Rivadavia 152 Ciudad - Mendoza.


Phone. +54-261-4298124

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